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To always look back on growing up

The Story of You Early Years Book helps document memorable moments in the lives of children ages one through five. Easy and inclusive prompts make this childhood memory book a joy to fill in each year over time, leaving you with an heirloom-quality journal that you’ll all love to look back on together. Use it as a continuation of our Baby Book, or start fresh as a standalone album!

Plus, every Early Years Book comes with a unique code for a free set of Everyday Prints to get the storyteller started!
High-quality construction and materials for lasting durability
Gender-neutral design and inclusive prompts for any family structure
Thoughtfully sourced with eco-conscious papers
Interactive elements like guided prompts and convenient pockets
Thick, writing-friendly pages
Equipped with all supplies needed, including a free set of prints

Great for:

Gifts for parents
Early birthdays
Childhood memory book
Toddler yearbooks
Personalizing your little’s bookshelf

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A Thoughtful Take on the Childhood Memory Book

If you have a little one, you don't need us to tell you just how fast they grow. As parents of our own much-loved kiddos, we've experienced it firsthand, and we realize just how much each moment means when they all zoom by at running-toddler speed. We also recognize that chasing a one- to five-year-old around doesn't leave much time for anything, let alone documenting it all. So with moment-marking in mind, we set out to simplify the process of preserving what matters, bringing the streamlined approach of our Story of You Baby Book to a new take on the classic childhood memory book — one crafted with intention.

This gender-neutral book is designed to be inclusive above all, knowing that no two families are the same, but every one of them deserves to be celebrated. (It's even suited for twins!) Filled with thought-starter prompts, stow-away pockets, and plenty of places for photos, the Early Years Book pairs fill-in-the-blanks ease with this-is-our-story flexibility — so you can make it your own in mere moments. Plus, pages and photo placements can be added, rearranged, or removed for an extra element of personalization.

These are the moments you want to live on forever — and the pages you trust to give them permanence should too. The Early Years book lives up to the task in both quality and aesthetic. Minimalist layouts keep the focus on what matters most, while elevating each tale of toddlerhood with modern-but-timeless touches like elegant typefaces, curated colors, and a foil-stamped cover. Crafted in the USA with high-quality linen and meticulously sourced papers, it is a time capsule hand-assembled to hand down. May you do so one day, placing it in their no-longer-little hands with the simple words this is the story of you.